Carers Information

Are you looking after someone? Do you care for a family member who is elderly, ill or who has a disability? Who looks after you?

Are you a carer?

You are a carer if you look after a family member or friend who is elderly, ill or who has a disability.

You may be caring for your child who has special needs, your partner who has a long-term illness, or an elderly parent.

Caring for a family member can be very rewarding and satisfying. At times though, it can also be exhausting and stressful.

***Please let your GP practice know that you are a carer so that they can ensure that you are getting the support you are entitled to. With your permission they will add your name to their carers register and refer you to Bolton Carers Support***

Who looks after you?

Bolton Carers is here for you. If you are over 18 and live in Bolton (or care for someone living in Bolton) then you can use our FREE service. So if you need some information, a bit of support or simply want to talk, please get in touch.

What we offer

· Carers Helpline 

Do you need some information or simply want to discuss your caring role? Whatever your query, call us on 01204 363056 Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 11am to 3pm.

· Information Drop-in

Would you prefer to talk to someone in person? Drop-in without an appointment on Wednesday mornings 11am to 1pm – or by appointment at other times – at Bolton Carers Support, Thicketford Centre, Thicketford Road, Bolton, BL2 2LW.

· Carers Group

Would you like to meet other carers for a relaxed coffee and chat? Come along to one of our Carers Cafes – you will be assured of a warm welcome! Call us on 01204 363056 to find out where they are held.

· Carers Courses & Workshops

These are designed to help you in your caring role or can simply be for relaxation.

· Carers Outings

To help you ‘recharge your batteries’ – e.g. meals out, day trips. A small contribution is charged for the outings.

·   A free carers newsletter

Our quarterly Carers Contact newsletter will bring you information about courses, outings and local services.

· Website and Fact-sheets

Our website contains lots of information including all our carer fact-sheets

Are you over 65?  Extra support includes:

· Home visiting service to discuss your caring situation in the comfort of your own home and help you get support.

· A regular phone call to see how you are and to offer a listening ear.

For further information, or to register with Bolton Carers Support directly, please contact Bolton Carers Support on 01204 363056.